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Social BDSM {otherwise known as 'munch'} group in South Australia

Regular gatherings are held on the first Friday of each month.
For details and information on what is happening when, join the local email list:

or join the list via email (make sure you state age to speed up your application)

What is a 'munch'?

A munch is a social meeting, for coffee and/or a meal, for people who have a common interest {in this case bdsm}. These are friendly gatherings where people can talk about anything and everything, but particularily the main interest of the group involved. It is an encounter where you can talk without worrying about being amongst people 'who do not understand' and you can be relaxed and open.

About the SAmunch group

In South Australia, the majority of munch goers are linked through the internet. Adelaide has a steadily growing and thriving bdsm community, which is pansexual and caters to all consenting adult sexualities and kinks. New people are always welcome and existing members are only too happy to answer any questions or queries if they are able to.
Local munches have people of all ages attending {from 18 to 60's} and vary in size from half a dozen to 40 people {although the average is more like 20 to 25}. People order and pay for their meals and drinks as they go, so that there is no confusion over bills, and casual dress is the norm.
Additional munches can be arranged for special events or visitors at any time by anybody in Adelaide, all they need to do is announce a time and place and ask who would be interested in attending. This is often done for interstate or overseas visitors, but can be organised for newcomers as small lunch gatherings for those who can not get to night munches, or want a quieter affair for an initial contact.

As well as the regular munches on the first Friday night of each month, there is now also a second munch group on the third Friday of each month. 

 For more information please email (however this account is not checked regularily, so response may be slow)

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